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"We build character into every piece we make"

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Olde 303

At Olde 303 Music, we really do build character into every piece we make. From design, assembly and function, each product is made to look incredible and sound incredible too. 

As artists and musicians we believe your equipment should say something about the musician you are. So every Olde 303 piece is a unique one of a kind work you can be proud of

.PSHC Pedals 

Only from Olde 303 Music

Zombie ​Vox

Zombie Vox is like nothing you have ever seen in a pedal. A theremin simulator with fuzz, Zombie Vox is 1950's horror  movies injected with Stoner Rock Fuzz. The zombies are coming... 

Boris the Blade​

Our most popular distortion, Boris ranges from soft tubish OD, to raging full bore distortion. Touch sensitive and responsive to your playing, Boris runs the gambit!


Yeah the name is hard to say. It's our take on "The Rat" and combines all three styles of this iconic pedal in one. Switchable diode clipping makes this a Rat fans dream come true.  


Infinity goes forever, and then some. The sky is the limit with this pedal, limited only by your imagination. From mild to wild this a delay that will have you hearing things.