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What we do at Olde 303

With over 15 years of professional music experience, Olde 303 has the touring miles to back that experience up. If we can't provide a service or product for your needs, we know who to call.  We build complete made to order builds. 

Our services range from one of a kind custom instrument and amp builds, "instrument makeovers", Amp and Pedal mod's, custom artwork for your guitar or amp, and even emergency on site repair of most musical gear. Think of Olde 303 as a custom car or motorcycle shop that specializes in performance and style.

Guitars & Bass

  • Custom built guitars & bass guitars, made to order
  • Make over & customization service
  • Hand wound pickups to any spec, style or design
  • Vintage & custom wiring options
  • Set up service's and repair 
  • Electronics repair


  • Custom built amplifiers
  • Re-tubing & tone matching for each individual amp
  • Hot Rod mods, custom modifications
  • Repair & tube biasing
  • Huge supply of Vintage and NOS valves

Effects Pedals

  • Sole U.S. distributor of .PSHC Pedals
  • Custom boutique builds
  • Mods for your pedal
  • Pedal upgrading
  • Electronic repair
  • Service 
  • DIY Pedal kits

Custom Art

Olde 303 started with art as its corner stone. We aren't afraid to be bold

  • Custom Paint & designs for stringed instruments, percussion & amplifiers
  • Custom painted & designed grill cloth. Send us yours or choose from our in stock pieces

Onsite Repair

Our on site repair service will have a competent service technician sent to you when you need it most. Be that your venue or gig, crunch time in the studio, or any time you just have to have somebody NOW! We can even provide industry standard backline rentals in some situations. Give us a call

Space Monsters

Really?! You don't honestly think we have space monsters do you?

However we  do have access to high quality vinyl decal & stencil  preparation, so if you want a space monster, I'm sure we can swing it

What our customers are saying

Craftsmanship is nearly extinct in today's music industry. The guys at Olde 303 have brought back the attention to detail and style that makes music so captivating to us all. Their mix of brash and class, is only outdone by the sound they produce. I'll be getting more.

R. Miller - RAM Backline Products, LLC

Service Prices

Message for a complete list of available services

Basic Guitar Setup



List of included services

(All setups are to owner specs or factory specs)

New string change.

(Strings included or provide your own)

Body and Electrical Inspection & cleaning

Fret polish, neck adjustment, bridge & pickup adjustment

Hardware inspection

Tuning, action & intonation setup


Basic Amplifier "Tune Up"



List of included services

(Tune up based on recommended factory specs) 

Testing of amp circuit, inputs, pots, speaker connections, fuses etc

Cleaning of exterior & electrical conections

Repair of obvious broken connections,  cold solders or weak connections

Minor tolex or grill cloth repair

(included repairs will be discussed with client upon initial  check in inspection)


Effects & Wiring



List of included services

(Pedals are inspected & Wiring procedures begin at $25)

Complete testing of electronics

Solder broken connections

Install pickups, repair broken input jacks

Complete handwireing

Custom wiring options